Area Intelligence

Area Intelligence

We provide you with a detailed analysis about your
competitors in the same area so you can compare your
performance with them to benchmark your strategy.



Categories Hotels

Identify all the 5-star, 4-star, 3-star hotels, resorts and guest houses in your area. Know which hotels class is the most popular and what are the services that can help improve ratings in that area which will help you in updating your own service accordingly.

Compare Rates

Benchmark your price and ratings comparing with your competitors in the same area. Know how pricing and ratings affect your business, monitor competition and build your own marketing strategy accordingly.

Guest Satisfaction

Know how guests are rating and reviewing your competitors will help you to benchmark your performance and that's what we provide you in area intelligence tool.

Seasonal Cycle

Track the impact of seasonal cycles on all the hotels in the same area. Monitor the impact on guest bookings and pricing in the given locality so you can update your strategy to keep up with the changes and see positive results.