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3 Steps To Understand The Guest Sentiments !!

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Client , Guest , Emptor, Consumer, Patron etc many terms with just one meaning which is Customer. A customer is like the figure “Zero” , you put him behind you and he will make your value as a single digit number, you keep him ahead he will make your value in Zillions. They are the ones who build your brand. Rather than having profit as a cynosure a business should have customer satisfaction as cynosure.

Once Scott Cooks said that “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – It is what consumers tell each other it is.”

The Hospitality Industry is highly reliable on guest satisfaction. The old marketing adage is that a satisfied guest will tell 5-7 of their friends about their experience, whereas the dissatisfied guest will tell 15-20. Today, an unhappy guest will post one negative feedback which will be a direct source of communication to a million of their closest strangers. Each negative mention gives you a loss of one potential guest and one existing unhappy guest.

As a matter of fact, it has been found that

“ 91% of the unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again.”

But on a brighter side – “ Resolve a complaint in the customer’s favour and they will do business again with you 70% of the times.”

So now the question is how to do that ?

1. Look at the past data :- A successful entrepreneur has one good habit and it is that after taking four steps ahead he stops and looks back to see if he has made any mistakes or he has left any loose end. Similarly taking a look at past guest feedback records gives you an insight that where have you been mostly criticised and praised at, what problems your consumers are facing the most, what is the most recurring issues your clients are facing and so on.

2. Cross Analysis of reviews and their study :- Once you gather the data it is quite important to cross check for the same and ensure that the data is genuine. The advanced technology has its own pros and cons, while it has helped to gather information on guest feedbacks there would be some who would have posted false reviews just to misguide others. Hence it is quite important to ensure that the data you are looking at is derived from the genuine feedbacks and has not been tempered.

3. CARP Diem to resolve complaints

  • Control – Having a control over the guest feedbacks enables you to solve the issues at the earliest thereby helping you keep the same complaints at the bay.
  • Acknowledge – Acknowledgement of guest complaints makes them happy and gives them a trust that yes someone is listening to them, and your hotel will be their 1st priority.
  • Refocus – After acknowledgement resolving of the issue is the next step you need to focus upon. Since focusing on one problem at a time would help in its eradication and thereby eliminating the problems root cause. Also informing the client once it is solved helps to build a stronger relationship which makes them your advocate in the market.
  • Problem Solved – Once the problem is solved you need to keep a check on it that such issues do not reoccur. Once you start resolving guest complaint and issues you will see a constant growth in the no of positive feedback for your properties and a depreciation in guest complaints and no sooner this is done your hotel will be the talk of the town.
  • As the Sam Watson said :-

    “There is Only One ‘BOSS – THE CUSTOMER’ “

    So let’s make our “BOSS” happy

    About Me – I’m Siddharth. I work with RepUp. We help hotels in tracking guest satisfaction and increase the guest satisfaction score.

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10 Things Your Guests Wish You Knew About Them

Being successful in a hotel industry isn’t determined by the number of new customers but by the effective retention of the customers. So, How much of knowing them is knowing enough?

Sometimes you go out on a limb and decide to welcome your guest, especially VIPs, with gifts thinking ‘everyone will like a welcome gift’. That seemed like a good idea until we had Jane Coloccia expressed how she wished ‘hoteliers would take the time to either ask a guest if they drank or offered up something else as a VIP welcome gift than a bottle of wine. ‘

She adds on, What if I was an alcoholic or I didn’t drink at all? That certainly would’ve been a grave mistake!

Another issue we encountered was hoteliers not addressing the need of Travelling families, or the makeup of the family market. Kirsten explains that family ‘comes in all shapes and sizes and they need to think outside of the box when they want to win us over as clients.’

Trish Mcdermott adds on saying that for a travelling family, baby gears are often necessary to keep children happy on vacations. Trish suggest that hotels should provide baby gears since it’s hard to travel with baby gear, babies and luggage.

Of course, the matter is much more than baby gears and wine bottles. It is about how well you treat your customers to how much space you give. Like Scott who expresses his exasperation over the traditional walkthrough of a hotel room.

Scott says that his biggest frustration is when he checks into a high touch, luxury hotel while on a tight schedule, yet they insist on helping with the bag, showing how to work the lights, in-room touch screen systems, and television.

Most importantly, always give what you promise. As Maggie Combs from Creative Lodging Solutions put it,

“When we travel, we don’t always get exactly what we want. In fact, (Sorry, hoteliers) sometimes the pictures hotels show us are a bit misleading.”

The plights a hotelier need to understand are many. Let us further address them in the info-graphic.

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Article Improve TripAdvisor Rankings

The Complete Guide to TripAdvisor Rankings and How to Improve Them

The Complete Guide to TripAdvisor Rankings and How to Improve Them

One of the popular metrics that is also proving to be critical for hotels is the TripAdvisor Popularity Index. The popularity index reflects and compares a particular hotel’s ranking to that of other hotels within a geographic area, all on the basis of traveler feedback.

Hence, if hotels are closer to the top of the list, they would be more visible when prospective guests search for hotels in the particular area. Hence, hoteliers to wonder about how they can improve their rankings and reputation with customers.

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How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews Effectively

How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews Effectively

In 2014, two studies made by TripAdvisor and PhoCusWright reflected the following similar results-

  • 77% of travelers reference reviews before choosing a hotel.
  • 80% travelers read around 6-12 online guest reviews; and
  • 73% look at photos put up by other travelers before booking a room.

Online travel reviews have always played an increasing role in the guests’ decisions to stay at hotels. But, hoteliers have only recently begun to understand its significance.

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Increase Online Bookings

How Review Analytics Can Inspire Hotel Bookings

How Review Analytics Can Inspire Hotel Bookings

The hotel industry today has fundamentally changed, especially when it comes to both demand patterns and customer purchase behavior. This is the reason that most existing Hotel Revenue Management approaches seem to be outdated in the present time.

When we talk of Hotel Revenue Management, we must understand that it is a complex field. Consumer demands today have become highly specific today. This is why if hotels have any weaknesses, and they are exposed, news is easily shared worldwide.

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Rep Score Decoded

Reputation score is a key indicator to measure your customer satisfaction based on the customer reviews you collect on RepUp Dashboard. Reputation Score formula is specially designed and takes many factors into account, such as number of reviews, the age of the reviews and the star rating of each review. It’s a combination which is more than just an average of all your reviews combined.

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Increase Hotel Revenue

How to Boost Your Hotel Revenues With Guest Intelligence

How to Boost Your Hotel Revenues With Guest Intelligence

There are so many functional aspects of running a hotel business successfully, that hoteliers often find it difficult to maintain the standard of their service levels. You need to keep a track of everything that’s happening in all functional areas such as the front office, food, and beverages, housekeeping and more. There’s just a lot on your plate!

In this scenario, identifying the gaps in your service may become a challenging prospect. Efficiency comes from being able to visualize everything about your hotel on a single platform so that you can gather actionable insights. This is where guest intelligence comes into the picture. It allows you to make necessary changes to improve guest experience.

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The Insider’s Guide to Net Promoter Score in the Hospitality Industry

Extensive research has proved that evangelistic Customer Loyalty is one of the most important drivers of growth in any industry. In recent times, the single and most powerful tool which is being widely used to measure customer loyalty to a company, product, service or brand is the Net Promoter Score (NPSSM). Net Promoter Score gives you a quick way to get feedback from the customers by asking the ultimate question, “How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or a colleague?”

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Guest Experience

The Ultimate Guide To Guest Experience Mapping


Customer experience mapping isn’t new. In fact, it’s commonly used in consumer marketing but despite its tremendous benefits, most businesses perceive it as something only large corporations can adopt.

Think about Google. Isn’t it a great company? What about Apple, Amazon and Starbucks? You love them too. In contrast, there are companies that you don’t love much.

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Hotel Reviews

The Impact of Online Reviews on the Hospitality Industry [Infographic]

The Impact of Online Reviews on the Hospitality Industry [Infographic]

As a hotelier, if you have not paid heed to online reviews about your hotel on review websites, it’s time to shift your focus. Because online reviews matter.

Every holiday planner considers online reviews as an indispensable source of information while booking accommodation. Customers place more trust on them rather than any marketing effort from your side. Potential guests are turning to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and review sites like never before. This is evident from the fact that 97.7% consumers read online reviews from other travelers.

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