Our surveys tool is an ideal tool to get more reviews
and ratings from guests through out different channels
which enable getting quick results .

-Email & tablet based solution
  Through this tool we provide the hotel with a tablet based application to collect reviews from guests inside the hotel.

-Review dashboard
  You can find all reviews from different platforms in our dashboard so you can and analyze review them from one place.

-Reach non-reviewers
  Get more than 60% additional reviews from guests who usually do not post reviews through using our tools.

-Run targeted campaigns
  Reach specific groups of customers in defined geographies to improve rating for properties in that location.


Collect Feedback

Collect Feedback We help you in collecting guest feedback through our internal feedback system so you get a full idea about how guests feel about your services helps you increase your operational efficiency.

Guest Data

Access to guest information helps you deliver personalized services. You can collect and save guests contact details in our database, which is easily accessible 24*7. We also provide detailed guest profiles.