The Complete Guide to TripAdvisor Rankings and How to Improve Them

One of the popular metrics that is also proving to be critical for hotels is the TripAdvisor Popularity Index. The popularity index reflects and compares a particular hotel’s ranking to that of other hotels within a geographic area, all on the basis of traveler feedback.

Hence, if hotels are closer to the top of the list, they would be more visible when prospective guests search for hotels in the particular area. Hence, hoteliers to wonder about how they can improve their rankings and reputation with customers.

Furthermore, did you know that Trip Advisor has changed their popularity ranking algorithm? The change was rolled out early this year.  According to TripAdvisor’s new algorithm, it is going to start ranking hotels by the quantity and quality of reviews, and recency of the review. In short, it simply means three things:

  1. Good reviews over poor reviews;
  2. More reviews over fewer reviews; and 
  3. Recent reviews over older reviews.

Now, that would seem a little confusing when they say quality and quantity matters at the same time! What exactly do they mean and how to tackle that? Let’s have a look at our tips of what they mean and what to do:

#1 Quality Review

What it means?
This means that positive reviews will push you to a higher ranking, meaning, reviews with more a positive statement. Also, it is dependent on the number of bubbles your customer give you.

What to do?
Since there isn’t much you can do about negative reviews, shift the focus to spotting satisfied customers. When customers express their satisfaction with your management, proactively  request them to leave a review on TripAdvisor.

Also, mention how adding photos to their review will be appreciated. Photos from the customer is another great way to authenticate your establishment that you give what you promise.

#2 Quantity Review

What it means?

This has been introduced so that TripAdvisor can rank businesses accurately. This means that even if you have good reviews but less in number, other establishments with more reviews will be ranked higher.

What to do?

Remind your customers to leave you a review. You can do so while they check-in or check-out, and also in their room by placing a welcome card.

Based on this finding by TripAdvisor, reminding customers about reviews during Check-in and check-out is a good idea.

You can also use emails as a gentle reminder by sending a ‘Thank you’ note and urging them to  leave a review.  Don’t forget to insert the link to your listing on TripAdvisor.

#3 Age of Reviews

What it means?

Gone are the days when a good review left on your listing six months ago could help you rank. Now, the more recent your reviews the higher you move up the ranking ladder.

What to do?

This will be a concern to those establishments that are holiday destinations where getting guest are seasonal. Maintain a customer record with their full contact details. Now, to ensure that you have a new review regularly, send an email to the customers to review your listing. Do not forget to include the listing link.

Make note that to achieve quality, quantity and new reviews, you need to an undeterred record of customer satisfaction. The best way to achieve this is to set high customer satisfaction and exceed the expectations in your delivery. Why is a review so important? Here is why-

However, getting ranked on TripAdvisor is much more than achieving these three. There are three more factors you need to consider.

#4 A Complete Profile

What it means?

What can be worse than a bad rating? An incomplete profile!

Always make it a point to fill your basic information, add pictures of the establishment, and include all amenities.

What to do?

You can use your keywords and take advantage of SEO. Always make your listing accessible and complete.

#5 Engage with Customers

What it means?

Have digital interactions all the time with your customers whether it is responding with a thank you note to a good review or a note of apology to a bad review. In fact, Barbara Messing, CMO at TripAdvisor says “The more engaged the property, the more likely travelers are to book”.

Did you know that bad reviews improve conversion by 67%? This is good news in the sense that if you can manage to respond to every bad review, you are more likely to be appreciated by the customers and thus, convert.

What to do?

So, what can we do about this? Simple. Answer all your customers’ queries whether they are positive or negative. Thank them for the positive reviews and negative reviews alike, ensuring them that their grievances would get resolved and not be repeated again. Additionally, you can take the extra step of making sure that your guests receive what suits them best on their visit to your hotel.

#6 Bag TripAdvisor’s Recognition Award

What it means?

There are 350 million unique visitors. So, how will you win them over and stand out in the crowd? You need to flaunt yourself. Flaunt the recognition awards from TripAdvisor. If you haven’t got it yet, you should. Since TripAdvisor is a trusted brand, getting its award emblem signifies a certain standard of excellence maintained by the establishment.

What to do?

If you have not done anything as yet to bag the award then you should get started as soon as possible. It has been proved that almost 65% of customers are more likely to book a hotel if it bags the TripAdvisor award.


While it is essential to get as much guest feedback as possible, it is much more important to listen to the guests carefully and operationalize their feedback. According to TripAdvisor, –

“The key to building a successful business and a higher popularity ranking is stellar hospitality and paying attention to your customers’ needs. Encourage customers to write reviews, learn from them and watch your hard work pay off.”

So,before we wrap it up, here are our key takeaways:

  • Respond to every single review
  • Update photos or content on a regular basis
  • Pay for business listing for bigger returns
  • Encourage guests to provide their genuine feedback with regards to their experience at your hotel on TripAdvisor

Maximizing your listing on TripAdvisor seems easy but it requires an investment of time and effort. We hope the preceding points will help you in improving your rank and popularity.


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