Online Reputation management

A comprehensive solution designed to empower businesses in managing and enhancing their online reputation. With Repup’s ORM, businesses can effortlessly monitor and control their brand’s online presence across various platforms, including customer reviews, social media mentions, and online feedback.

Single Dashboard to View, Analyze and Auto-Respond

With Repup’s ORM, businesses gain a single dashboard to efficiently view, analyze, and auto-respond to customer reviews and feedback across multiple platforms, simplifying the management process and ensuring timely engagement for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Understanding voice of customers

Repup’s ORM includes brand sentiment analysis, allowing businesses to delve deeper into customer sentiments and perceptions. By understanding the voice of customers, businesses can make data-driven decisions, improve their offerings, and create positive brand experiences.

Detailed Analytics & Reporting

Detailed analytics and reporting provided by Repup’s ORM enable businesses to gain valuable insights into their online reputation. By tracking key metrics, businesses can measure the impact of their reputation management efforts, identify areas for improvement, and optimize their strategies for long-term success.

Social Listening

With social listening capabilities, Repup’s ORM allows businesses to stay connected with their audience and monitor social media mentions, enabling proactive engagement and effective reputation management.These features collectively empower businesses to actively manage their online reputation, drive customer satisfaction, and make informed decisions based on customer sentiments and analytics