Exciting Updates and New Features Unveiled!

We are delighted to share some significant updates and new features that have been seamlessly integrated into our Xperium Modules, enhancing your overall experience. These improvements are crafted to offer added functionality and convenience. 

New Features Update

1. Write with AI – Crafting Made Effortless! 🤖📝

Say hello to the Write with AI feature! Seamlessly integrated into Upsell, Campaign, Reviews, and Feedback sections, this versatile tool lets you craft engaging content effortlessly. Save time and elevate your communication game with the power of artificial intelligence.

2. Dropdown Ease – Navigate with Ease! 🔄🔍

Experience a revamped user interface with our Dropdown Ease feature. Scrollable and searchable dropdowns make finding information more intuitive, enhancing overall user navigation and satisfaction. Say goodbye to navigation challenges and embrace a smoother, more user-friendly interface.

3. Search In Dashboard – Find What You Need Instantly! 🔎🖥️

Navigate our platform effortlessly with the new Search Feature in the dashboard. Whether you’re in Upsell, Campaign, Reviews, or Feedback, easily locate any module by typing a few words in the search box. Seamless navigation is just a search away!

4. Status Display – Real-Time Updates on Reviews! 🚀🌐

Stay informed with the Status Display feature. Now, track the success, failure, or processing status of your replies in real-time. With this update, you’re always in the loop, ensuring timely and effective engagement with your reviews.

5. Emoticons in Survey – Expressive Feedback! 😊📊

Revamp your survey experience with expressive ratings using emoticons! The Emoticons in Survey feature allows your users to convey their feelings with a touch of emotion. Additionally, leverage Conditional Parameters on user ratings for more tailored and valuable feedback.

6. Alerts For Failure – Stay Proactive! 🚨⚠️

Introducing a crucial feature for heightened awareness – Alerts For Failure. Receive instant notifications, staying proactive in case of any system failures or issues. With these alerts, ensure prompt action and maintain the smooth functioning of your operations.

1. Click to Refresh – Reviews Feed 🔄

Introducing the “Click to Refresh” feature on the Reviews Feed! Now, you can effortlessly update your reviews for a specific Online Travel Agency (OTA) by simply clicking the refresh button. Our system ensures that you get the latest reviews within 10-15 minutes, keeping you in the loop with real-time feedback.

2. Download Upsell Details on Concierge 📥

Good news for our Concierge users! You can now download detailed upsell information related to purchases made by your customers. This feature is live and ready for action, and we’ve specifically tailored it for the Singapore Flyer. Enhance your upselling strategy by accessing critical data with just a few clicks.

3. Stop Campaign – Undo Send in 30 Seconds ⏰

We understand the importance of error prevention. With the new “Stop Campaign” feature, you now have a 30-second window to reconsider and cancel a campaign after hitting the send button. Take advantage of this grace period to make last-minute adjustments and ensure your communication is perfect.

4. WhatsApp Retry – Resend Failed Messages 🔄

Communication is key, and we’ve made it even smoother with the “WhatsApp Retry” feature. If a message fails to send on WhatsApp, you now have the option to resend it. Say goodbye to missed messages and keep the conversation flowing seamlessly.

5. Survey Timestamp & Guest Checkout Time ⌛

Delve deeper into your survey reports with the addition of two crucial timestamps. Now, alongside the survey responses, you can view the time feedback was collected. Additionally, track the time your customer checked out from the property. These timestamps provide valuable insights into the customer journey, allowing you to optimize your services effectively.

Loading Time Reduction ⏳

We’ve successfully addressed the issue of extended loading times on all Campaign screens, cutting it down from an average of 10 seconds to a maximum of 5 seconds. Now users can navigate through Overview, Campaign, and Stats screens swiftly.

Email ID Suggestions Solution 📧

Users can now effortlessly create customized lists for email IDs that have been opened and clicked in each campaign. These lists are conveniently accessible under the Lists screen for future campaign creation. Refer to the provided screenshot for the intuitive design solution!

Search Email ID Resolved 🔍

Our solution includes a predictive search feature for finding email IDs within specific sections like opened, clicked, etc. Users can now easily locate email IDs by typing just a few letters, ensuring efficient searching within the selected column. Take a look at the screenshot for the implemented design solution.

Manage Templates and Create Campaigns Solution 📝

We’ve implemented an alphabetical order scroll for all templates, organizing them from A to Z and numbers. Additionally, users can now utilize the predictive search function to quickly find templates by name, enhancing accessibility on both Manage Templates and Create Campaign screens.

Maximum Template Reach-Out Error Fixed ❌:

The limitation on template reach-out has been eliminated, providing users with unlimited access to templates. Now users can create campaigns without any constraints, boosting efficiency and creativity in campaign creation.

Upsell Video Enhancement 📹

You can now seamlessly integrate videos from your social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram into your upsells. This enhancement ensures better communication and provides guests with additional information, enhancing their experience.

Survey Expiry Customization 📋⏰

We’ve further customized survey expiry settings to allow surveys to expire precisely at checkout time for specific cases. This tailored solution ensures surveys are relevant and timely, maximizing their effectiveness.